Arizona Honey Bees

Honey from bees and all its properties labels Organic, Raw, unfiltered

Factors that matter in Honey

  1. What do the bees eat and where do they forage?
  2. Where are the bees kept?
  3. Do they monocrop?
  4. Are they fed sugar?
  5. Exposed to antibiotics
  6. What type of temperatures are they exposed to?

Bee nutrition

Bees have some essential needs like every other organism.  The best environmental factors will produce the best type of bee.  They are pretty much all listed above and should be taken into consideration.  Continue reading this article and you will get a very good idea of all the positive factors that bee should have in order to thrive.  They need to have honey stores for the winter, be able to forage on high quality, GMO and pesticide free food.  They should also be free from chemicals and not be primarily fed on a monocrop, or single type of tree such as Mesquite or Almond.  They should also have a well kept internal ecosystem.  Abello Bees Honey Bee Rescue and removal

Bee environment

There are beneficial microbes and harmful microbes inside of the hive; however, when bees have the right environment in about 92 degrees, with plenty of food and water, they will do well.  Their environment outside of the hive should consist of a readily available fresh water source, and plenty of fresh flowers under a 5 mile radius from the hive.  The closer to the hive the better because bees expend energy in order obtain food and water.

Bee upkeep

Bees need an occasional cleaning and multiplying.  If they begin to outgrow their current hive box they will swarm and try to move away.  They will need to be fed a really healthy natural diet and have plenty of water.  They only fly up to about 5 miles to get food and water.  Bees in Arizona naturally need more water due to the dry heat.  The Temps in Arizona can also reach up to 120 degrees.  The beehive needs to maintain their temperature about 92 degrees to maintain the delicate balance of the superorganism.

Honey Temperature

Honey temperature is something that is very significant in the maintenance of the bees ecosystem.  There are beneficial microbes inside the hive that can only survive within a certain temperature range.  Most honey producing companies super heat their honey and even pasteurize it which kills all of the microbes.  This is not something you want.  Just YouTube the appropriate temperature of a hive.

pollen count and does it matter?

Pollen count is not something that is very important or significant in the production or consumption of honey.  The best way to harvest honey is to simply harvest it as naturally as possible which is through various processes that don’t include super heating the honey.

Allergies and Honey

Some people can actually heal their allergies with honey.  This is why a lot of people will consume raw honey.  Essentially the medicinal properties of honey really help people heal their allergies.

Do Killer Bees matter?

The Killer Bee or the Africanized Bee is simply a particular specie of bee that tends to be more aggressive than other bees.  This type of genetic variation can be found in other animals and insects as well, where there are more aggressive species than others.  Essentially “Killer Bees”, or “Africanized bees” are still important, they have something to offer to our ecosystem and they still produce honey, in some cases a lot more honey than others.  Bing search how much honey Africanized bees produce


Should you buy honey from a store?

No.  Simply put don’t purchase honey from a store, if you are serious about your honey and want the most incredible honey for your money.  Some honey producers can get away with a lot of different things such as super heating honey, yet still being able to label it “organic, and raw”.

The best honey Solution

The best solution is to purchase honey from a local beekeeper whom you can ask their practices in how they harvest their Honey in Arizona and how they maintain their bees, such as if they are on pesticide laden fields. Go to Abello Bees on Google to see the best practices.