About the Crunch

Hello We Are

We are the people who are tired of the world telling us what to eat and how things are good for us one day, until enough money is put into a study to “prove the contrary”.  Most “crunchy people” are considered conservative in views and are very green in their thinking.  They tend to have a very clean perspective on life and just generally want to live a healthy natural peace and love lifestyle.  We here are concerned more with food and what we consume rather than all the crazy poisons that plague our world and ecosystem.  We will get more into other problems but for the most part you will hear our facts and rants on food and liquid, things you consume.

Why the website name

Well the name is associated with a very popular term, “Organic” although we like to consider ourselves “more than organic” The whole idea behind organic is a little deceiving.  Think about it, you have for profit organizations placing a label on food for money.  They tend to cut corners and when companies with their own interests in mind get involved the “data” and “Facts” tend to become skewed in the favor of those paying the bills.

We are local

Yes it is more than likely we have someone from your neighborhood writing and contributing to our blog.  If not, tell them to! Or better yet you get involved.  Reach out to us here at outreach@organicconsumersassociation.org


All our articles are our sole opinion and in no way are intended to sway your eating habits or health in any way. It is ultimately your responsibility but trust that we will give you our best information on the topics we discuss.  This will range from Grass fed Beef, to Mulching, Gardening, Fishing, and even good old beekeeping.

Join Us

We like to align ourselves with the rebels in Star Wars (The series from the 70s).  Yes we are raging against the machine of big agriculture and big food industries.  We love the individual people working within these companies; however, we really believe that they are poor saps stuck in some of the worst organizations in the world.  So come out of her, come out of the dark side and join us.

Take Action

There are ways to take action that even big companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon start to take notice.  A lot of people are already doing it, but it is called voting with your pocket book.  Choose farmers markets, choose to get to know your local farmer guy and purchase food from them, or better yet.  Grow your own food!